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3D Printing Service Bureaus: Refining Pricing Systems with More Progressive Cost Analytics

Written by David

August 13, 2019

Deepak Pahwa and Binil Starly provide cost analytics for 3D printing services bureaus in their recently published paper, ‘ Network Based Pricing for 3D Printing Services in Two-Sided Manufacturing-as-a-Service Marketplace .’


Taking a different approach from ‘ad-hoc and subjective’ pricing, the authors suggest a more formulaic route, in using machine learning methods to arrive at prices for clients. Operation of a Two-Sided 3D Printing Marketplace In their new pricing model, the following would be considered in setting rates: Supplier experience Supplier capabilities Customer reviews and ratings Scale of operations Today, most service bureaus arrive at a price after calculating their obvious costs, like what materials are to be used in making a prototype or part, and the amount of energy and labor to be expended in the process. Obviously, profit needs to be figured in too for most companies. Some may factor in higher annual overhead costs, higher costs […]

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