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3D Printing Sentiment Index: U.S. leads as most advanced country

3D Printing Sentiment Index: U.S. leads as most advanced country

Written by David

November 21, 2019

Ultimaker a leader in desktop 3D printing, today released its first 3D Printing Sentiment Index.


Independent research conducted by Savanta, an international research firm, details a comprehensive view of the current and future potential for 3D printing in 12 countries, while covering the widest range of verticals and professions, including education.


The quantified index reveals the U.S., U.K. and Germany have the highest expectations for implementing additive manufacturing and capitalizing on its opportunities.



2 UK

3 Germany

4 France

5 China

6 Japan

7 Mexico

8 Switzerland

9 Italy

10 Netherlands

11 Spain

12 India


The index is a measure of market awareness and adoption, adoption levels over time and overall sentiment towards the potential impact of the technology. It is based on 2,548 interviews with qualified professionals and in-depth analysis of macro-economic factors. Five key elements were investigated: market awareness, adoption […]


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