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3D printing saves costs for Airbus Helicopters

3D printing saves costs for Airbus Helicopters

Written by David

November 28, 2018

The tail and connecting point for the 3D printed step. Airbus Helicopters uses a German RepRap x400 3D printer for validating the design of an integral new step on one of its helicopters. Frank Singer, Head of Department Vehicle System Installation at Airbus Helicopters in Germany explains, “It happens again and again that a crew member of a helicopter stands outside on the runners during the flight due to operational reasons. Under certain circumstances, also during operation of the rescue winch. The relatively small footprint on the runners could be optimized by using a step.” In a first step, the nearly three-meter-long model will be subdivided into printable, individual parts. Afterward, the individual puzzle plug connections are constructed. “In the past, we have had to divide larger prototypes into separate parts because of the print bed size. These were often glued together. However, this was always associated with further […]


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