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3D printing revolutionizes urban future

3D printing revolutionizes urban future

Written by David

March 9, 2019

The concept of Fabrication City puts manufacturing back in the hands of local communities — using 3D printers. It could have far-reaching implications for economic development, environmental sustainability, inclusion and other benefits. The use of 3D printing provides cities with opportunities through their local innovators and entrepreneurs. The process of 3D printing layers materials to create three-dimensional objects using digital equipment. Local makers are given access to fabrication labs equipped with technology to learn and this incubation environment can develop future entrepreneurs. The fabrication city model emerged around 2011, developed by MIT’s Centre for Bits and Atoms and by more than 1,000 Maker Centres that give local makers access to 3D printing and other production tools. There are also neighbourhoods and city clusters that facilitate the maker movement . There are opportunities for individuals and groups to create and market products from used or new materials using a digital […]


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