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3D printing puts hearts in cardiologists’ hands

3D printing puts hearts in cardiologists' hands

Written by Paul

October 23, 2018

Dmitry Levin explains making a 3D-printed heart model at the Center for Cardiovascular Innovation. A study published this week reflects that more patients than ever who need aortic-valve heart repair are doing so via a catheter instead of open surgery. To see one of these catheter procedures is to marvel at the cardiologist’s ability to take cues from a real-time scan to position a replacement valve or other device in the exact right spot. What guides them is akin to a fuzzy black-and-white TV image. (Millennials won’t understand that reference, but go with me here.) Anyway, there’s no denying catheterization’s advantages: It appears to be as effective as surgery, patients’ recovery times are far shorter, and costs are less. And it’s a option for people who need a repair but can’t undergo surgery due to other health concerns. 3-D printing is one recent advance that helps UW Medicine cardiologists […]


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