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3D printing might save your life one day. Here’s how it’s transforming medicine and health care.

3D printing might save your life one day. Here's how it's transforming medicine and health care.

Written by David

April 30, 2019

Daniel A. Grande, director at the Orthopedic Research Laboratory in the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, an arm of Northwell Health, said he and his team first pursued 3D bioprinting by modifying 3D printers so they’d accept living cells. “My initial concept of 3D printing was early studies that looked at modifying ink-jet printers, where we incorporate a bioink that includes cells within a delivery vehicle,” Grande says . “That hydrogel can then be polymerized, or hardened, upon heat or UV-light stimulation, so that we can actually make a complex structure, three-dimensionally, that incorporates living cells. The hardened hydro-gel is then able to keep the cells alive and viable. It’s also biocompatible, so it can be safely implanted in humans.” It’s a promising enterprise, and it can radically change how we experience medical care. “3D bioprinting’s potential is almost limitless and has the potential to replace many different parts […]


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