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3D Printing Method Developed to Strengthen the Capacity of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Written by Paul

August 1, 2018

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Missouri University of Science and Technology created a new method to 3D print battery electrodes. The new method created a lattice structure that has a controlled porosity. The porosity improves the capacity and charge/discharge rates of lithium-ion batteries. Lattice architecture can provide channels […]

3D printing has previously been used to manufacture porous electrodes for lithium-ion batteries. But the design of the electrodes limited to only a few architecture options because of the specific manufacturing process. The internal geometry that produces the best porous electrodes using 3D printing is interdigitated geometry. Interdigitated geometry is metal prongs that are interlocked like the fingers of clasped hands with the lithium traveling between the two sides. Because of the limited designs, the productivity of the batteries is also limited.

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