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3D Printing Meets Industrial Production

3D Printing Meets Industrial Production

Written by David

July 10, 2020

Additive manufacturing is on the march in industrial production. Research shows that while two years ago, prototyping was the most popular use of the technology, today even more complex use cases – such as production parts, bridge production, repair or jigs, fixtures and tooling – have seen utilization rates soar, and in some cases double.


There are many reasons manufacturers are increasingly adopting 3D printing to produce parts, not the least because of its capability to work with commonly specified alloys, aluminum, titanium and even tricalcium phosphate—a ceramic used as bone substitute for patient-specific implantable devices in the human body. This means that regardless of whether a part will be subjected to conditions and stresses in the human body or in a jet turbine, 3D printing now produces parts durable for even the most demanding industrial application. As 3D printing becomes integral to modern manufacturing operations, it must become […]


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