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3D Printing Materials Introduced at RAPID +TCT Open New Manufacturing Possibilities at Potomac

RAPID +TCT is without doubt the premier 3D Printing conference and trade show in the nation. But this year something was different. Yes, the latest, greatest additive manufacturing innovations were at the forefront of discussions. Of course, industry gurus gave their usual predictions about the future of the industry. But something had changed. RAPID in 2019 had emerged from an expo for start-ups, inventors and new technologies to a true industry trade show of significant scale. Part of this may have been due to the entry into the marketplace of big players like HP, GE and GM. But also the startups are now in the next stage of their development with bigger presence both in terms of products and space at the show. And of course, mainstream users are starting to catch on to the possibilities created by additive manufacturing. Ever evolving to meet customer needs, Potomac added 3D […]


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