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3D Printing: Layer Upon Layer of Customization

3D Printing: Layer Upon Layer of Customization

Written by David

July 14, 2020

In 2016, additive orthopedic production was responsible for nearly half a billion in revenue opportunities for printer hardware and software, materials, clinical engineering services, outsourced production, and other segments. This production area is estimated to grow at a 26% compact annual growth rate over the next decade, generating more than $1 billion in revenue opportunities by 2026.


And while such additive manufacturing was initially limited to plastics and polymers, according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, now it can “produce reliable, high-performance, and FDA-compliant metal components from metal powders. This is of keen interest to orthopedic device manufacturers, who have long favored metals for their products, but could only produce them using subtractive machining methods, which are expensive and time-consuming.”


With such promising developments on the horizon, a team of researchers from Rothman Orthopaedics and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery […]


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