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3D printing, laser cutting, and PCB design with Raspberry Pi

Tim Richardson has been involved with the Raspberry Pi community from almost the start. He is part of the Pi Wars organising team and a course designer/builder, as well as writing the CamJam EduKit worksheets, CamJam organiser, and now a PCB designer.


After seeing his first 3D printer at a Raspberry Jam back in 2014, Tim Richardson bought one. They were just starting to become affordable, albeit £600 for a ‘budget’ one back then! They are much more affordable now, as little as £150–£200 for a decent one.


He has some advice for those new to or thinking about getting one. See also Use a 3D printer with Raspberry Pi 50 Raspberry Pi tips & tools OctoPrint Tim suggests that one of the best upgrades you can do is to add a Raspberry Pi computer running OctoPrint . It’s free and open-source and […]


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