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3D Printing Is Now A More Revolutionized One

According to the sources, researchers at the University of Michigan have formulated a new 3D printing method, which is considered to be as fast as producing results in a fraction of minutes compared to the time consumed by the conventional printing mechanisms. The technique describes the process of obtaining solids using a liquid as the input ingredient. Fragments of liquid resins are clubbed together. They are further coagulated into a hard solid using multiple wavelengths of natural light. This technique gives impressive outcomes in very less amount of time. Resin being the prime constituent of the printing process, the newly introduced technique uses a photo-inhibitor that can mark and solidify the portions of the resin while the remaining part of it is free to remain in the liquid state. The new process is said to overcome the drawbacks of vat-printing methods. So now, there is no need for the […]


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