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3D Printing is Getting Faster and Cheaper

3D Printing is Getting Faster and Cheaper

Written by David

January 8, 2020

Researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory found ways to make 3-D printing faster and more cost effective.


Currently, 3-D printing operates via a point-by-point scanning fashion, and takes a long time to create an object, with the build rate at ~ 0.1 mm3/hour: “Even a centimeter-sized object can take several days to weeks to fabricate,” PhysOrg says.


On top of that, there are currently no solutions to speeding it up with causing problems – if the speed of the current build rates is increased, the resolution of the object being created is compromised. As a result (and, alongside the high price tag), these 3-D printing processes are impractical for industrial applications, a problem for industries that depend on it to function, make money, etc.


However, researchers have found a way to […]


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