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3D Printing Industry Making Headway with Passing Time

3D Printing Once only known through science fiction, 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has now become a must-have for engineering companies as well as a useful consumer tool. It is the only technology that allows an individual to design, create, and print an object of any shape or size imaginable. The layer wise production process of AM enables greater flexibility and creativity in the product design. Designers do not have to design for manufacture of products and can develop parts that can be completely redesigned so that they are stronger in areas they need to be. 3D printing also speeds up the design and prototyping process and parts can be created within hours. The market for 3D printing is witnessing substantial growth in recent years. Driving it are factors such as the benefits of 3D printing such as reduction of errors, a decrease in development cost and time, […]


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