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3D Printing in the Oil and Gas Industry

3D Printing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Written by David

January 25, 2019

In recent years, much of the focus of news related to 3D printing has been on the technology’s use within a factory setting, lab, classroom or shop. Each industry exploring 3D printing starts with a learning curve to incorporate the technology for practical use within that industry. As the learning curve develops those industries may settle on a solution of finished parts, spare parts, prototyping of new products, new products in their entirety or any combination or hybrid of the various paths. In industries looking to adopt 3D printing, the printer itself usually occupies a space within the lab or production floor and is utilized with the same mindset as any other traditional piece of equipment. The purpose is generally to produce a part or parts or to produce a finished good like those produced by traditional equipment. But as 3D printing technology has matured in terms of available […]


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