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3D printing in the cabin – examining possibilities with Stratasys

Replacement parts of an aircraft cabin can be expensive. They can get even more expensive when you’re needing only a few of them or a very customised component to the cabin. This is where a technology like 3D printing can help and in the example we’re going to look at – additive based printing. Stratsys F900 3D printer The idea behind additive based printing is pretty simple – you’re adding a filament type material together to make a product (as opposed to traditional subtractive based manufacturing where you are milling away at a metal or plastic to get the desired shape wanted. So how can this help in the cabin? I talked to Stratasys at AIX, and this seat take-apart shows some of the possibilities 3D printing can be a robust technology, and when used with a compliant material – it gives a strong and durable product that can […]


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