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3D printing in serial production: A dimensional shift in manufacturing

Written by David

January 31, 2019

3D printing today is the latest aspect in a long line of innovations aimed at streamlining the manufacturing process and optimising production cycles over time. Image: Anirban Ghosh The manufacturing industry has seen widespread disruption with the influx of digital technology which has caused an evolution in production methods. As time has passed, the industry has consistently been looking for methods that would enable constant upward growth, combining low material costs and quick time to market. Industrial 3D printing is one such method that has emerged as a prime contender in the space. According to an EY report, 36% of global firms have already moved towards applying this technology in their everyday working, validating its importance to the industry. India too has seen a distinct upturn in interest in 3D printing, with multiple industries now driving the transformation in the sector. While most use cases currently revolve around prototyping, […]


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