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3D Printing in Construction – What Are 3D Printed Houses Made Of?

3D Printing in Construction – What Are 3D Printed Houses Made Of?

Written by David

April 24, 2019

You’ve probably heard of 3D printed buildings, but what about the materials these massive 3D printers use for 3D printing construction? Learn all about the materials behind the method. Concrete 3D printing using material extrusion. Source: Softpedia News The construction industry has traditionally been conservative when it comes to adopting advanced technologies. Innovation may come from the architect, but the builders tend to keep more or less the same process, adapting only to the project at hand. However, by adopting additive manufacturing, the construction industry can have advantages like better creativity, design flexibility, less material waste, lower carbon footprint, and more robust structures. It’s a fast-growing industry with experts estimating the value of 3D printing construction to reach $56.4 million by 2021. This is a huge market! 3D printing construction has seen some fascinating projects and some massive 3D printers . More and more firms are joining the market, […]


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