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3D Printing in Construction – How Long Does it Take to Print a House?

Written by David

April 3, 2019

Many companies have turned their attention to 3D printing construction. But the question remains, how long does it take to print a house? Find out!

The race to develop faster methods for 21st-century housing is at full steam. There are already many startups delving into the issues that revolve around 3D printing construction. The push to build 3D printed houses faster has become a worldwide endeavor.

Startup companies in the US, China, and Europe are all gaining ground as they learn from each other. But the question remains, how fast are these “faster” methods? Here, we take a look at several projects around the globe to discover just how fast a 3D printer can print a house. The 30-minute emergency shelter. Source: University of Nantes Topping our list is a 3D printed emergency shelter that […]


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