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3D Printing in Africa: 3D Printing in Ghana

3D Printing in Africa: 3D Printing in Ghana

Written by David

May 4, 2019

3D printed hydraulic robot 3D printing in Ghana can be considered to be in transition from the early to middle stage of development. This is in comparison with other active countries such as South Africa or Kenya . Despite the slow development, the West African country has brought quite unique and interesting innovations to the 3D printing ecosystem. Klaks 3D printer When one looks at Ghana’s 3D printing landscape, the most outstanding story is the university students who built a 3D printer from electronic waste. The students identified as Klaks 3D took two weeks to build a 3D printer using electronic waste for the bulk of the components. The innovation was intended to enhance teaching and learning basics in schools, particularly in 3D printing. From an African viewpoint, this is encouraging and motivating and even from an environmental worldview, this could be an inspiration. The students approach aligns very […]


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