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3D printing improves smart fabrics

3D printing improves smart fabrics

Written by David

March 15, 2019

We talked about Additive Manufacturing being used in the fashion industry numerous times. From 3D printed shoes , fabrics and jewelry to software specialized in creating new, innovative solutions for the ultimate wearing comfort. In this blog post, we will go a step further into the future and discuss the most interesting smart fabrics projects. The market is now worth $800 million increasing to $4.72 billion by 2020. Do you think smart 3D printed clothes are the future of the fashion industry? Clothes that can see and produce light What if our clothes could become our second, artificial skin and react to what we see? Behnaz Farahi took up on this idea. She created a 3D printed wearable that reflects on what the user is feeling depending on who they see. This project called, Cares of the Gaze, explores gaze-actuated and life-like behavior of fabrics. Her fabric is […]


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