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3D printing implants and organs is the new reality

3D printing implants and organs is the new reality

Written by David

December 19, 2018

As people live longer and healthcare costs skyrocket, technology is now at the forefront of driving innovation and reducing costs. 3D printing is one of the latest technologies that is having a significant impact within the healthcare sector due to it rapidly increasing in quality and popularity over the past decade. In the medical sector, 3D printing has evolved, for example, from the creation of relatively simple prosthetics to 3D printing a silicon prototype of a functioning human heart. It can also be used to speed up surgical procedures and produce cheaper versions of required surgical tools. According to Gartner, medical 3D printing will have a predicted market value of US$1.2 billion by 2020. Furthermore, Gartner has estimated that 35 per cent of surgeries for prosthetics and implants will be performed with 3D printing by 2019. One company paving its way in this field is Melbourne-based and Australian-owned medical […]


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