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3D Printing Hits the Big Screen as it Brings Futuristic Wearables to Life in Black Panther

Written by David

September 11, 2018

Marvel’s latest superhero flick Black Panther made box office history, attracting moviegoers all over the world and bringing in over $1 billion at the global box office. Juicy costume design by Oscar-nominated Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter has taken center stage. Set mostly in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, the movie fuses together traditional African designs and futuristic elements designed by Carter. 3D printing technology was used to manufacture the costumes which combined both traditional African design and the futuristic elements of the Wakanda civilization. Carter got help from Julia Koerner, an architect and 3D printing fashion specialist, to integrate 3D printing into the costumes especially of those of Queen Ramonda played by Angela Bassett. “The director of the movie Ryan Coogler and the costume designer Ruth E. Carter wanted the costume to blend tradition and hypermodernity,” Koerner told TCT. “Inspired by traditional African patterns I developed 3D […]

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