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3D-printing helps save Dubai student’s jaw

3D-printing helps save Dubai student's jaw

Written by David

March 3, 2019

Doctors in Dubai have saved the jaw of a 17-year-old girl using 3D-printing technology. The girl was rushed to the Rashid Hospital due to an aggressive tumour in her right jaw. Dr Khaled Ghandour, maxilofacial surgeon at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), said the patient was diagnosed with Ossifying Fibroma, a particularly aggressive form of tumour, which meant the right side of the jaw had to be removed. Experts from the DHA’s primary healthcare centre and Rashid Hospital collaborated with 3D-printing healthcare startup, Sinterex, for a customised solution. Julian Callanan, the company’s managing director, said given the aesthetic implications and complexity of the case, it was “critical” to use digital planning and 3D-printing to create a “patient-specific solution”. The patient’s CT scan was segmented and converted into a 3D-printed physical model. This model allowed Dr Ghandour and his team of surgeons to visually inspect the patient’s situation and develop […]


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