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3D Printing Guide: Top CAD Software for Kids

3D Printing Guide: Top CAD Software for Kids

Written by David

December 13, 2018

Holidays are the best time to introduce your kids to creating presents and gifts for their relatives. In order to facilitate this beautiful moment, technology and familial bonding can be combined to come up with interesting CAD software. This software is very intuitive and can help children between the age 4 and 13 years to come up with the best 3D designs for their ideas. When kids learn 3D printing , they are also able to enhance some of their key planning, problem-solving, and artistic skills in the process. Here are some of the top CAD software that are ideal for kids. Solidworks Apps for kids – ‘Dream It, Build It’ The app was founded by Solidworks World 2016, but sensitizing kids to sciences and technology was conducted by Dessault Systems. By making kids use very simple tools at an early age, it will encourage them to become future […]


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