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3D printing grows up, heals wounds by printing skin

3D printing grows up, heals wounds by printing skin

Written by David

March 2, 2019

Public Domain pixabay Scientists have created a mobile bioprinter that when filled with a patient’s cells, prints skin directly into a wound. We’ve been writing about 3D printing for what seems like forever. From its sustainable benefits to its ability to spit out $4000 tiny homes and grand architectural statements alike. Not to mention entire colonies on Mars . But now additive manufacturing has crept into a new realm with the first-ever mobile bioprinter; it doesn’t layer plastic into design shapes, but rather, prints skin onto wounds. It’s not the first time that 3D printing has been used in medicine – they’ve used it to create organs and vessels and limbs. But the practicality and efficacy of a mobile skin printer surely seems like it could come in handy. “Imagine a day when a bioprinter filled with a patient’s own cells can be wheeled right to the bedside to […]


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