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3D printing for show rather than tell

An often overlooked application area for 3D printing is the concept/communication model. Graphical representation of an idea often falls short of the impact of a 3 dimensional expression of the concept. Cars using 3D printed components have graced auto shows for years. What is more unusual —production of an automotive showroom model using only 3D printing machines and materials without the need for outsourcing. This feat was recently accomplished by leveraging cost effective and high quality equipment to produce highly accurate components with exceptional aesthetics coupled with state of the art finishing expertise within a single facility. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, a boutique manufacturer of exotic high-performance racing and road cars, needed a show room quality model to help promote a planned new product line. The company asked Aerosport Modeling & Design to build a one-off 1/5th scale replica display model of a new street legal production automobile— the 2019 […]


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