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3D Printing for Preppers: An Overview of Disaster 3D Printing

3D Printing for Preppers: An Overview of Disaster 3D Printing

Written by David

September 5, 2020

While disaster has not yet befallen my humble family, there is no shortage of emergencies globally and the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how useful even desktop 3D printing can be during disaster situations.


Provided with the opportunity to review an Ultimaker S3 3D printer and several unique filaments, I thought I’d explore the 3D printing of simple goods that might be useful during emergency situations to get an idea for just how useful a desktop 3D printer might be.


This series will include a review of the Ultimaker S3 , discussions with a couple of companies involved in the series, as well as coverage of how specialty materials, such as copper and investment casting filaments, might be used to produce metal parts when traditional supply chains are compromised or inaccessible. Before we get into any of that, however, let’s begin with an overview of how 3D printing has […]


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