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3D Printing Drugs – The Latest Advancements Around the World

3D Printing Drugs – The Latest Advancements Around the World

Written by David

February 24, 2019

Find out how 3D printing is driving the pharmaceutical industry towards personalized medicine. In this article, we look at the most recent trends and developments. Theoretical scheme of Patient 3D printing drugs. Source: ResearchGate Millions of people around the world are regular users of medicinal pills and capsules. While we acknowledge the fact that pills make us feel better and treat us, we should also not ignore the difficulties we face when taking a pill. According to PMLive , a recent survey revealed that up to 50% of people have difficulties during pill intake. Some people find it difficult to swallow capsules due to large sizes. Children may avoid tablets owing to their unpleasant taste. It’s still worse in the case of elderly people. Their usual routine of medications includes a handful of pills. For these reasons, it’s important to address problems associated with taking pills. The conventional drug […]


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