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3D Printing, Driver for Creating Innovative products

3D Printing, Driver for Creating Innovative products

Written by David

February 13, 2019

3D printing or Additive manufacturing (AM) is nothing but creating functional or mechanical physical objects using different materials by laying down thinly sliced successive horizontal layers of material. 3D printing in Construction A house can be constructed in twenty hours with an FDM 3D printer mounted on a robotic arm that uses concrete to make a 3D model. With this Crafting technology which demonstrated all the qualities needed to use additive manufacturing on construction sites resulted in a reduction in costs and waste, faster construction speed, reduction of accidents and also helped in the construction of complex architectural shapes. Art and design Additive manufacturing technologies have given strength to the imagination with their ability to bring forth personalized and creative works. There is widespread usage of 3D printed models, tools, home decor and toys available in the market. Manufacturers also allow customers a personalized plan for any given model […]


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