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3D printing cuts turnaround costs

3D printing cuts turnaround costs

Written by David

June 13, 2019

Shawcor is a Canadian integrated energy services company that primarily works with the oil and gas, water, and automotive industries. The Composite Production Systems division offers composite line pipe and tank products for energy producers around the world. Engineers at the division were tasked with creating an automated handling machine to load the large glass reinforcement tape pads, which weigh between 115 and 230 lb. The goal was to reduce changeover time and increase plant throughput. Shawcor’s Mechanical Designers have used their Markforged composite printer to fabricate tools and fixtures for a pick and place machine. The design would have the ‘pad handling’ machine sit over tape pad pay-off stations on the pipe reinforcement machine. Four end effectors would pick up reinforcement tape pads and place them on controlled pay-off hubs across four quadrants. The pad handling machine consists of 53 unique 3D printed parts. The drawback was the […]


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