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3D printing could provide new layer of truck part availability

Written by David

April 23, 2019

Partner project involving Premium AEROTEC, Daimler, and EOS for developing series additive manufacturing (3D printing) reaches new milestone. Pilot plant with EOS M 400-4 four-laser system for industrial 3D printing with metal materials. While it won’t go down as the most famous printing invention ever — Johannes Gutenberg’s creation seems likely to hold that title in perpetuity — few technologies in recent decades have been as developmentally groundbreaking as 3D printing. Introduced in the 1980s and greatly refined over the last decade, 3D printing is a production method using advanced computer technology in which the composition of a material is altered then reshaped and molded to create a three-dimensional object. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is a production method with strengths and weaknesses. It’s not a great way to make everything but it is a great way to make specific products ill-suited for mass production. As it […]


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