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3D Printing Continues to Benefit Trucking Industry in Numerous Ways

3D Printing Continues to Benefit Trucking Industry in Numerous Ways

Written by Paul

January 5, 2021

Above: 3D printing technology continues to benefit trucking industry in numerous ways/Note: Image used for representation purpose only Trucking manufacturing as we know it is changing at breakneck speed thanks to technological breakthroughs such as smart technology and 3D printing.


Over the past few years, 3D printing has continued to revolutionize truck manufacturing in numerous ways. While some trucking manufactures, like GM, are slowly easing their way into 3D printing adoption, other industry bigwigs like Volvo and Mercedes Benz have embraced it with a far greater degree of fervor. Although it is not free of limitations, there are a number of ways in which 3D printing can be of benefit to truck manufacturing. Swifter innovation can be achieved An increasing number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Mercedes Benz and Volvo Trucks are utilizing the power of 3D printing to print prototype molds. By making use of 3D printing from the onset of the prototype process, the amount of time spent on creating and assessing novel components is reduced significantly. Due to this, innovation can take place at a rapid pace while the overall quality of the components can be improved simultaneously. The possibilities of 3D printing innovations are […]


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