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3D printing chiral metamaterials: What is it?

3D printing chiral metamaterials: What is it?

Written by David

January 23, 2019

A team of researchers recently launched a paper entitled “3D Printed Chiral Metasurface as Dichroic Dual-Band Polarization Converter.” We can see everyday that researchers around the world are fascinated with additive manufacturing. Let’s talk about this research focusing on designing and 3D printing chiral metasurface, behaving as a spatial polarization converter with an asymmetric transmission. 3D printing chiral metasurface This paper has been written by Shengzhe Wu, Su Xu, Tatiana L. Zinenko, Vladimir V. Yachin, Sergey L. Prosvirnin and Vladimir R. Tuz. The 3D printed metasurface is made of metallic sesquialteral helical particles. Here is what the study says about these particles: “ Each particle contains six rectangular bars arranged in a series one above the another creating a spiral. The proposed metasurface exhibits a dual-band asymmetric transmission accompanied by the effect of complete polarization conversion in the response on the particular distributions of currents induced in the particle’s […]


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