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3D printing can help solve our environmental issues

3D printing can help solve our environmental issues

Written by David

November 26, 2018

Opinion ‘The low cost and footprint of 3D printers is, in my opinion, providing a chance to radically change the way products are manufactured and delivered, especially for spare parts.’ Paul Croft, director of 3DGBIRE and Ultimaker GB and founder of the Create Education project, looks at how 3D printing technology can reduce the manufacturing industry’s carbon footprint and address sustainability issues arising from our use of plastics. 3D printing has provoked excitement and trepidation in equal measure. Proponents of the technology have cited a world of new possibilities for all industries, lowered transportation costs and environmental impacts, reduced waste, and minimised reliance on corporations by enabling the maker movement. Certainly, additive manufacturing demands significant less raw products than traditional subtractive manufacturing processes. However, it is also true that early additive manufacturing techniques, particularly for top end industrial products, are very energy intensive. In addition, its reliance on plastic […]


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