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3D printing can help make batteries fit any shape and size

3D printing can help make batteries fit any shape and size

Written by Paul

November 5, 2018

With the range of lithium-ion battery powered devices on the rise, researchers are investigating how 3D printing and nanotubes can be used to lessen restrictions on shape and size. Commercially available batteries are usually cylindrical or rectangular, which potentially restricts options for the design of products ranging from smartphones to electric cars. But a team from Texas State and Duke Universities in the US has shown how this situation could change by 3D printing a prototype LED bracelet and self-darkening LCD sunglasses, each with a built-in lithium-ion power cell. “The ability to 3D print lithium-ion batteries in an arbitrary geometry would not only allow the battery form factor to be customised to fit a given product design, but also facilitate the use of the battery as a structural component,” the team stated in their research paper , recently published in ACS Applied Energy Materials . Getting things flowing In […]


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