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3D Printing Breakthroughs: 2019 and Beyond

Written by David

August 14, 2019

When Chris Tucker found a Makerbot 3D printer by the side of the road, he thought he’d won the lottery. He cleaned it up, replaced missing parts, and started his own “Maker Lab” at home . What was the first thing he built? “Hooks for my ties and a fly swatter,” he states proudly.


Tucker, the curriculum consultant and technological education teacher with the York Region Board of Education in Toronto Ontario, knew this technology could be applied to his classroom, both with tangible projects and with the principles of design thinking.


“The printer allows us to prototype, test, and ideate much, much faster,” Tucker tells Parentology . 3D printing converts digital files into three-dimensional objects by layering material in a process known as additive manufacturing (where something is built from literally nothing). A substrate is released layer-by-layer to produce anything from tie hooks to buildings. So what are […]

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