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3D Printing: Breakthrough imminent

Written by David

February 6, 2020

Under the admittedly broad term that is ‘construction technology’ some areas are developing faster than others; you’d be hard pressed to find an area that has developed more rapidly in the last few years than 3D printing has. This technology is currently used by numerous construction original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to print spare parts and by contractors to print smaller structures but, over the last few years, the technology has quickly evolved.


The possibilities are intriguing – with the construction industry having a skills shortage and many countries around the world in need of more housing, automated 3D printing has the potential to significantly impact the construction industry as a whole. Dr. Fabian Meyer-Brötz is head of 3D Construction Printing at German-based Peri – the fact that the formwork and scaffolding company even have a head of 3D construction printing is an indication of this sector’s development. The role […]


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