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3D printing being used to train young surgeons

3D printing being used to train young surgeons

Written by David

May 22, 2019

Canadian plastic surgeons create hand model to teach fracture pinning WINNIPEG, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – A group of Canadian plastic surgeons have used 3D printing to create a realistic hand model to help young surgeons learn valuable surgical skills. “Surgery is a highly technical profession which requires years to master,” says Dr. Michal Brichacek, a plastic surgeon and a lead author of the study. “Young surgeons often learn in a graduated training model, where they are given more responsibilities as their skills progress. Although under the careful eye of their teachers, these young surgeons must begin to develop their skills somewhere.” A surgical pin is placed into a bone visible under the transparent skin of the hand model used to teach young surgeons. (CNW Group/The University of Manitoba Section of Plastic Surgery) In the past, this meant practicing on actual patients. However, as technology has improved, so have […]


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