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3D Printing Automotive Applications – The Latest Projects

3D Printing Automotive Applications – The Latest Projects

Written by David

February 9, 2019

Back to top The automotive industry has always been on the lookout for faster prototyping and solutions for reducing the part’s weight while retaining the structural strength. Here’s a curated list of some of the best automotive 3D printing applications so far. 3D printed jig used in Volkswagen Autoeuropa’s facilities Source: GoPrint3D These days, 3D printing technologies are advanced enough to enable both prototyping and the production of parts made of high-performance materials. One of the biggest benefits 3D printing brings to car manufacturers is the ability to cut costs and time needed for producing prototypes. Exclusive, high-end manufacturers which produce a small number of cars have the luxury of 3D printing high-end, end-use parts. For manufacturers like Bugatti & Koenigsegg, 3D printing can cut costs for prototyping and enable exclusivity to be added to their cars. While it makes sense to 3D print some high-end end-use parts, it […]


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