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3D printing and the future of manufacturing post COVID-19

COVID-19 has exposed the limitations of traditional manufacturing supply chains when it comes to continuing ‘business as usual’ by quickly responding to major disruptions like the ongoing pandemic.


The virus initially gripped China, which holds a leading position at the heart of global value chains, and halted much of industrial production, resulting in significant disruption to national and international trade flow. The initial slowdown in manufacturing activity and global trade created an acute shortage of essential supplies including medical supplies such as face shields, ventilators that are critical in the fight against this pandemic.


As COVID-19 and the strict containment measures have severely disrupted global manufacturing supply chains, the 3D printing industry is gaining momentum, owing to the timeliness, minimal human intervention, and affordability of the technology. 3D printing is an additive (adding multiple layers) manufacturing process that involves rapid prototyping and production of […]


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