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3D Printing and the Automotive Industry: What You Need to Know

3D Printing and the Automotive Industry: What You Need to Know

Written by David

June 4, 2019

The average consumer may not realize that 3D printing in automotive applications is becoming a big force. It’s more likely that most consumers have only been exposed to small-scale plastic 3D printers at the mall, high schools and colleges, or even their local public library. When in fact, the implications of things like 3D printed automotive parts will be huge; possibly revolutionizing how we all get from point A to point B. But even now, 3D printing in automotive facilities is quickly transforming quite a few things you haven’t noticed…until now. Prototypes and Concepts One of the earliest areas used for 3D printed car parts has been concept and prototype vehicles . While these often use at least some components shared by production models, that’s not always the case. For example, when something from an older car still won’t fit the design need, automakers are forced to manufacture a […]


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