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3D Printing And The Age Of Hyper Customisation

3D Printing And The Age Of Hyper Customisation

Written by David

January 8, 2019

Advances in 3d printing technology, the popularisation of the industry 4.0, and the rise of hyper-customised products represent a cultural shift in the way we do business, design, manufacture and interact with each other as humans. According to Germany Trade and Invest, Smart industry or “INDUSTRIE 4.0” refers to the technological evolution from embedded systems to cyber-physical systems. It represents the coming fourth industrial revolution on the way to an Internet of Things, Data and Services. INDUSTRIE 4.0 INDUSTRIE 4.0 draws a paradigm shift from “centralised” to “decentralised” production – made possible by technological advances which constitute a reversal of conventional production process logic. Simply put, this means that industrial production machinery no longer directly “processes” the product, but that the product communicates with the machinery to tell it precisely what to do. Image Credit: Roboyo One project that exemplifies the concept of decentralised production in fashion is the […]


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