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Denmark-headquartered manufacturing provider AddiFab is seeking to change prototyping by combining additive manufacturing with formative technology. A novel approach, the company recently raised over $1.8 million in EU funding, and it has also confirmed an ongoing materials partnership Mitsubishi Chemical . Exhibiting alongside its esteemed materials partner next month, AddiFab has now confirmed its attendance at 2019’s RAPID + TCT show. In preparation for the event, and doubtless other public appearances throughout the year, we take a look at Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) technology and how it works. FIM-filled 3D printed molds. Photo via AddiFab AddiFab Freeform Injection Molding FIM technology is a three step process. It begins with the digital design of a mold, which is then 3D printed via vat polymerization. After rinsing and post curing, the 3D printed mold is injected with a liquid metal, plastic (or soon ceramic) material, and the mold is dissolved in […]

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