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3D printing aids for people with arthritis

3D printing aids for people with arthritis

Written by David

December 13, 2018

3D printing has done so much for disabled people by providing affordable prosthetics and assistive devices to adults and children alike; even the hearing impaired will benefit from additive manufacturing. Physically impaired individuals are also able to use 3D printing to make objects that they couldn’t otherwise fashion with their own hands. Now, the millions of people afflicted with arthritis can take advantage of the technology by replacing their expensive assistive devices with 3D printed versions that are cheaper and more customizable. Joshua Pearce is a Richard Witte Endowed Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Michigan Tech and he provides a near constant stream of 3D printing research and breakthroughs for us journalists. He’s at it again, this time tasking his students to design and 3D print assistive devices to aid those with arthritis. Such devices usually offer larger grips that minimize the need for dexterous finger movements […]


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