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3D printing accelerates prototyping to keep pace with today’s demands

Written by David

January 28, 2019

Henry Ford is, famously, supposed to have said his cars were available in “any colour you like, so long as it is black”. Those days are long gone. Today, customers demand almost endless variety and near constant innovation. These demands create tremendous opportunities, but tremendous competitive pressures also. Success comes to those manufacturers that can identify new opportunities, anticipate customer demand and then move quickly to innovate, incorporate innovation into products and get those products to market ahead of their competitors. Every new or evolved product is the culmination of an iterative development process. It requires cycle after cycle of effort, feedback and improvement. Each cycle requires the production of prototypes: to test form, function, customer appeal and manufacturability of the end product; to gain new knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. This can be a time consuming process, but it is one that cannot be skipped. Reducing […]


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