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3D Printing a Daspletosaurus Skull for Display

3D Printing a Daspletosaurus Skull for Display

Written by David

September 19, 2018

Photogrammetry is the process of making measurements from photographs. Scientists can use photographs to create a digital model of an object or location. There are many different reasons why palaeontologists make digital models of specimens, from studying small and hard-to-see details, to making exact replicas (casts). Although we have the majority of this Daspletosaurus torosus skull in our collection, it is too fragile to piece back together. When a specimen is too delicate for display, we usually create a cast. However, most of the pieces of this skull are too fragile to withstand traditional casting methods. The left maxilla (upper jaw) was one of the few pieces we were able to make a traditional cast of. Our solution was to use photogrammetry to create three-dimensional models of each piece of the skull. We then had these models 3D printed. The right pre-maxilla (front of the upper jaw). Our technicians […]


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