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3D printing: A cheat sheet

3D printing: A cheat sheet

Written by Paul

November 2, 2018

3D printing is a critical advancement in the way products are designed and manufactured. For decades, 3D printing has been used for industrial purposes, to quickly produce parts for rapid prototyping before employing traditional manufacturing techniques. Now, with the increased precision of 3D printers, the sharp reduction in printer and material costs, and a substantive increase in the lifetime durability of 3D printed parts, many industries are adopting 3D printing as a form of just-in-time manufacturing to reduce design complexity, warehousing costs, and simplify supply chains. For hobbyists, 3D printing allows for the custom creation of parts to meet the needs of their projects, such as a plastic housing for a circuit board. Websites like Thingiverse feature crowdsourced designs for replacement car parts to 3D printed art. This cheat sheet about 3D printing is both an easily digestible introduction to […]


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