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3D Printer Material Cost – The Real Cost of 3D Printing Materials

Written by David

August 12, 2019

3D printers material costs can rack up fairly quickly. Review this list of materials and learn just how much money you should set aside for feeding your machine.


3D printer filament comes in all shapes, sizes, and hues. Source: Creative Tools / Pinshape Fused deposition modeling (FDM) requires thermoplastic filament to fabricate models, while stereolithography (SLA) takes photosensitive resin.


So, what does 3D printer material cost? Well, it depends on the following factors: Material (filament or resin) Color (non-white filament tends to be more expensive) Tolerance (tighter tolerances are typically more expensive) Quantity (larger quantities are usually cheaper per kilogram) 3D printer filament can vary, with suspiciously cheap PLA costing under $10 per kilogram and specialty filament over $600! In the following, we’ll discuss some example prices for various materials and note important factors affecting their prices. Colorful PLA boats. (Source: Simplify3D) PLA is the most common filament used […]

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