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3D printer emerges as a necessary manufacturing tool | 3D Printing Today - 3D Printing News and 3D Printing Trends
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3D printer emerges as a necessary manufacturing tool

Written by David

February 2, 2019

A 3D-printed fixture supports a printed part (front left) to write the CMM program to be used for inspecting its metal counterpart (back right). Polycarbonate was used to build the AM part and the fixture. At any one time, 1,500 or more of the 10,000-plus active, custom parts on file at Dalsin Industries can be in process on the shop floor. Since its establishment in Bloomington, Minn., in 1945, the third-generation, family-owned metal fabrication shop has focused on producing high-value, precision metal products; sustainable company growth; and maintaining an educated workforce using current technologies. A dedication to efficient, value-add procedures and continuous investment in people and equipment has garnered the company high customer satisfaction scores and consistently put it in the top 2 percent for customer loyalty, according to an independent survey by Peer Performance Solutions. “We combine design for manufacturing optimization, collaborative design assistance, high-velocity manufacturing processes, planning […]

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